• Yellow Mealworm Beetle Beetles

    Yellow Mealworm Beetle
  • Yellow Mealworm Beetle


When they can be used, physical methods and hygiene can be very effective in combination with chemicals. It is important to eliminate all hiding places and food sources before treating. This is why it is recommended that you clean food deposits and decomposing organic matter from all surfaces and treat gaps and cracks in infested areas with a residual pesticide such as Maheu&Maheu Crawling Insect Killer .


  • Spray or treat room perimeters with an insecticide wherever insects have been found


  • Seal the outsides of windows, doors, eaves, chimneys, etc. as completely as possible

Description and development

The yellow mealworm (Tenebrio molitor L. ) is a holometabolous insect (having four very different lifecyle stages) in the Tenebrionidae family of the Coleoptera order (beetles). Larvae can measure up to 19 mm (3/4") long, and adults, which are black, can be up to 13 mm (1/2") long.
Mealworms have one generation a year. Adults live for about two or three months and larvae up to 600 days.


Mealworms hibernate as larvae, digging tunnels in various substances, particularly wood. The larva and adults live in dark, hidden places and feed on corn, wheat, flour, and grains, especially the germ. Adults can also feed on meat.

Mealworms are often found in grain mills and farm buildings, where they infest animal feed. In houses, mealworms mainly feed on decomposing organic matter. They are often found in and around birds’ nests or in garbage chutes.

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