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Our story 1933 - today

Founded by Horace A. Maheu in 1933 in Quebec City, Maheu&Maheu was a success from the start—and with good reason! Back then, staff promised customers they would eat any cockroaches that survived the exterminator’s visit. Already, the firm was setting itself apart with a commitment that would later inspire the slogan “Leave them to us.”

Over the years, the company grew steadily into the leading pest management firm in the Quebec City area and the eastern part of the province. Encouraged by its success, Maheu&Maheu began opening regional offices in the 1970s.

The late eighties and early nineties marked a period of renewed expansion for Maheu&Maheu. The company made major inroads in the agricultural sector and opened a new office in Montreal to better meet the needs of its agrifood customers. Maheu&Maheu also played a pioneering role on the environmental front, introducing its PMP Ratio program in 1989 to help minimize pesticide use.

In 1996, the quality and thoroughness of Maheu&Maheu operations earned the company its ISO 9002 certification. At the same time, the company introduced quality and environment policies that reflected its vision and commitment to customers.

Maheu&Maheu opened regional offices in Gatineau and New Brunswick in 1998, followed by Southern Ontario in 2001. It has also established strategic alliances to help expand markets and share technical and scientific knowledge with a variety of partners.

In 2002, the company launched the first phase of its extranet, which provides customers with special access to certain information and the option of monitoring their files in real time.

In 2004, Maheu&Maheu joins the Food Protection Alliance, a North-American group of regional companies with a solid reputation having the ability to service the most part of the United States and Mexico.

In 2005, the company proudly obtained its first pan-Canadian account and starts offering a national coverage with a network of
dedicated sub-contractors.

While celebrating its 75 th anniversary, Maheu&Maheu acquires the pest management division of Veolia Environmental Services. What could have been better than greeting on board the sister company, Mysto, who paved the way to the start of Maheu&Maheu in Quebec City in 1933. This was really a fantastic coincidence.

In 2009, this is the implementation of a sustainable development policy through a desire of managing resources responsibly in the long-term. In line with this policy, the company builds their new LEED certified headquarters in 2012.

These initiatives have simply reaffirmed Maheu&Maheu’s position as a pest management industry leader.


Maheu&Maheu’s position as one of Canada’s leading pest management firms is no accident. It is the result of a proactive business vision. It is a vision that shines through in the opening of our regional offices—a move that not only reflects our commitment to getting close to our customers and anticipating their requirements, but also our efforts to understand and meet the specific needs of each region.

Meeting needs also explains why Maheu&Maheu invests so extensively in R&D and technology monitoring. Year in, year out, our team works constantly to keep abreast of the latest solutions in pest management and implement new and sustainable techniques that are both effective and environmentally friendly.
The professionalism and expertise of our biologists, entomologists, microbiologists, and certified technicians are your assurance of a job well done. With regular on-the-job training, the specialists on the Maheu&Maheu team are constantly upgrading their knowledge and skills. In addition, we work actively to encourage employee involvement and a sense of belonging—two of the keys to our long term success. In fact, employees have been investing in company shares since 1993 and currently hold 30% ownership in the firm.

With over 80 years in the business, Maheu&Maheu is an experienced partner you know you can trust. Like you, we believe in doing things right. The results we achieve are proof that when we give our word—we keep it.

Going forward, understanding and mastering

Our vision

Our goal is to harness our dedication to excellence to become the Canadian pest management benchmark in the agricultural, agrifood, industrial, and residential sectors.

And the only way to make this vision a reality is to take an innovative approach unlike any other in the industry.

We must offer our customers flexibility, develop alternative methods, and remain attuned to the needs of our target clientele.

At Maheu&Maheu, we strive to offer a fulfilling work environment that encourages employees to contribute actively to the company’s growth. Our success stems from the skill and resourcefulness of our personnel combined with decentralized operations and an obsession with results.

We also work hard to attain our financial objectives by closely monitoring our operations so as to offer shareholders the best possible results.

Our values


Employees must respect each other in that they apply the basic principles of propriety or skills.


We must all strive to respect the commitments Maheu&Maheu makes to its customers and adhere to the objectives we have set for ourselves.


We are one big family and we must encourage camaraderie and mutual assistance.


Each and every employee has a duty to help create an enjoyable working environment. Never underestimate the power of good humor and a ready smile!

Our policies

  • At Maheu&Maheu, our environmentally friendly professional development program stresses pest management methods founded on minimal pesticide use.

    We research and develop effective alternatives with a view to reducing health risks as well as protecting your property and the environment. Our initiatives are based on an extensive knowledge of pest ecology that enables our staff to identify the causes of pest problems and suggest appropriate solutions.
    We do not recommend the systematic application of pesticides for preventive purposes. In addition, we firmly believe that these products—most consisting of chemicals—are essentially curative tools. When pesticides must be used, they are applied locally to areas that harbor pests in order to minimize the impact on non-targeted species.

    We prefer non-chemical methods such as thermal treatment and the use of nematodes or predators that have proven effective. We also promote the use of active ingredients with minimal environmental impact.

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