July 2013 : Technical Newsletter 25 (2013-07-17)

The Indian meal moth Public Enemy #1 of Stored Foodstuffs
Maheu&Maheu Unveils Its New Head Office
Maheu&Maheu Acquires Acadia Pest Control
Groupe Leclerc and Maheu&Maheu, Partners for Over 50 Years
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December 2011 : Technical Newsletter 24 (2011-12-01)

All About Voles
Nothing Beats Heat!
British Retail Consortium (BRC) Standards Gaining Popularity in Canada
Maheu&Maheu Ranks 40th in North America
Is the Pyrethrin Shortage Over?
Maheu&Maheu Invests $3 million in a LEED Project
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March 2009 : Technical Newsletter 23 (2009-04-16)

The Drain Fly
The rodenticides
Our sponsors
75th Anniversary
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November 2007 : Technical newsletter 22 (2007-11-01)

Bedbug resistance
Paul O. Maheu
Technicians of the Year
New regional director
Mouse Population
Merit Scholarship
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October 2006: Technical newsletter 21 (2006-10-01)

Flour Beetles
Combination fumigation
Secure customer site
Agricultural biosecurity
Technicians of the Yeay
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July 2005: Technical Newsletter 20 (2005-06-30)

Groupe Martin
Flour Beetle
Light traps
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