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    Winter Stonefly
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We suggest you be patient. They will only be around for a few weeks. If you have too many of these insects outside your home, you can apply Maheu&Maheu Crawling Insect Killer on door and window frames to eliminate them more quickly, but unfortunately no pesticide will completely prevent them from entering your home!


  • Spot treat with insecticide indoors if insects get in


  • Seal the outsides of windows, doors, eaves, chimneys, etc. as completely as possible

Description and development

Small winter stoneflies are the insects less than 10 mm long you see running on the surface of the snow. They are blackish and have large membranous wings and two filaments (cerci) at the end of the abdomen.
The nymphs live in ponds and rivers, and even in artesian wells. The adults and nymphs are both herbivores and feed on algae. The adults can be seen from February to late April.


Even if these insects succeed in entering buildings, there is virtually no risk of infestation because the nymphs are aquatic. When stoneflies appear, they will disappear after about a month until the next year.

photo Maxime Tanguay

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