Maheu&Maheu celebrates 85 years

June 12th, 2018

Family company Maheu&Maheu celebrate its 85th anniversary this June.

Quebec City, June 12th 2018 – For family company Maheu&Maheu , Quebec’s leader in pest management, June not only signals the beginning of summer… or the massive arrival of seasonal pests that triggers the most active period of the year ! No, June marks its anniversary and this year the company is celebrating its 85th . To kick-off celebrations, all employees and their families joined the members of the Maheu Family at the Valcartier Hotel on April 7th and 8th. They were more than 350 at the banquet of the Horace Award Ceremony , an annual event of recognition for the employees of which 80 are shareholders . Top management took this opportunity to present the Serge-Boutin Excellence Scholarships to the employees' children and the Julie-Maheu Merit Scholarships to the children of the Maheu family members .

With sales of nearly $ 20 million in 2017, Maheu&Maheu is the 2nd largest Canadian-owned company in the country and ranks 40th in the North American Top 100 list.

The French wording for Pest Management, ‘’gestion parasitaire’’, has 20 years

In an industry where prevention plays a leading role, exterminating or pest control were showing only one aspect of the work of the pest management specialist. In 1998, Maheu&Maheu dared to launch the term "gestion parasitaire" now widespread throughout the industry. "There is still work to be done to explain what we do because of the mysterious side related to our field but the public is gradually getting used to this relatively recent wording" said Michel Maheu, General manager.

The secret to longevity

In business, you cannot sit on your laurels. We must constantly renew ourselves and push the limits, not only at the technical level but also at the operational level. "All our decisions are made thinking long-term. The opening of share ownership to our employees in 1994 is certainly no stranger to the high level of satisfaction of our clients! Our customer retention rate is close to 92%" said Michel Maheu.

About Maheu&Maheu

Today, Maheu&Maheu operates six regional offices located in London Ontario, Boucherville, Saint-Léonard-d'Aston, Québec, Rimouski and Moncton in New Brunswick, covering a widespread territory. The company has also established strategic alliances with various partners to expand its coverage to all of Canada. Maheu&Maheu employs approximately 130 people .

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