Mysto celebrates 100 years!

June 6th, 2017

Mysto Inc., founded in Montreal in 1917 by Rose-Anna Maheu, is celebrating its 100th year.

Quebec City, June 6th, 2017 – Mysto Inc., founded in Montreal in 1917 by Rose-Anna Maheu, is celebrating its 100th year. Mysto was the first pest control company established in the province of Quebec. It paved the way for one of Rose-Anna’s three sons, Horace A. Maheu, to found Maheu&Maheu in Quebec City in 1933.

In the late nineties, La compagnie de l’Inspecteur Mysto (Mysto had changed its name a couple years earlier) is acquired by the French group Vivendi. It will switch names to S A R P Mysto prior to becoming a division of Veolia Environmental Services. Maheu&Maheu acquires the pest management portion of Veolia Environmental Services in June 2008. This is the reunion of the two sister companies a few generations later, enabling Maheu&Maheu to consolidate its operations in the Montreal area for its niche markets.

Although the name Mysto is no longer used in everyday business, it carries on in the industry because we cannot forget the famous Mysterious Roach Powder which started it all and helped making Mysto notable. It is noteworthy to mention that in the early 1950s, Mysto had set the stage to conquer North America with branches in Montreal, Shawinigan, Quebec, and New York.

About Maheu&Maheu

Founded in 1933 in Quebec City, Maheu&Maheu employs 125 people in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and New Brunswick. It is the second largest Canadian owned pest management company in Canada and the 43rd in North America with revenues close to $20 million. Maheu&Maheu covers the whole country with a strong network of partners and can serve clients in the United States and Mexico through the Food Protection Alliance of which it is a member since 2004. The organization is now led by the great grandchildren of Rose-Anna Maheu.


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