Those crazy flies are getting ready to hibernate at your house?

August 1st, 2023

Cluster flies are flies that come inside in the fall to hibernate.

You've probably already noticed them in the spring, buzzing around a window or flying around light fixtures. Ever wonder where they came from? Cluster flies are slightly larger than house flies. They hibernate in homes where they are able to gain access. House siding today is not very hermetic and the flies take advantage of this fact.

When spring comes, they're ready to move back outside, but often end up inside your home instead. Their erratic behavior is a nuisance in and of itself, but the fact that they are a potential source of food for mice and larder beetles is the most important reason to keep them at bay.

Fortunately, we have the solution! In fact, our technical department has developed a method for establishing a repulsive barrier that discourages cluster flies from entering, so they seek refuge elsewhere. However, the timeframe for action is crucial and may be as early as mid-August in certain regions. So don't delay -contact us today!

The Technical Team

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